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I open my blog as a simple as it could. Maybe this page seems to be a series of non-sequiturs, but why break the pattern? XD 

I have been traveling for years now, and I experience meeting new and challenges places – this is also part of the pattern, don’t get confused. I know it’s too much saying, but when I put it on to the straight you will definitely stop reading, somehow! 

Ok then, I’ll go straight. Leena, as they speak, that’s my name – Leena Marilda to be precise. I am standing out blogger and a therapist that gain expertise in the line of physical therapy and I deal and advice what physical therapist expert are common and in line of certain needs. 

Well, I’m about to give you the profound purpose of this blog, but it will ruin if I’ll make or write this page in a more technical means, besides it’s all about me, nothing special. But if you want to know more about health and fitness, sports tips and other health related issues you wanted to ask, don’t hesitate to give me a beep, I’m here for a second, no in a minute..that’s overdue XD Stay with me @Leena

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